4 Easy Steps to Becoming an Investment Guru in Singapore

4 Easy Steps to Becoming an Investment Guru in Singapore

For some reason, human beings are more likely to believe that the sky has a billion stars than the fact that ten years from now, the stock market will be doing significantly better. Maybe it has something to do with the economic crunch we experienced just a few years ago.

However, the world’s economy is growing, some parts faster than others but on the overall the world economy is expanding at an average of 3% every year. As far as your financial goals go, now is the time to invest towards their achievement, and below are four easy ways to bring you much closer:

Identify the opportunities of the season

The progress of individual companies providing various goods and services, which collectively contribute to the sustenance of the overall economy, facilitates its growth. In turn, investors wishing to capitalize on that growth, seize opportunities provided to invest in these companies.

By way of example, mining companies have enjoyed a booming season, and contributed a great deal to the growth of infrastructure in many countries. China for instance is the perfect example of a country that has capitalized on the infrastructural growth of many nations, having built roads, railways, airports, seaports and hospitals.

As an investor, you should have a keen eye for the season, so that you can maximize your first mover advantage.

Optimism is the key

Many countries in the Western parts of the world are also slowly recovering from the crunch at the end of last decade, and are slowly registering growth. Overall, an optimistic look at the future would not be naive. Growth will certainly not be instantaneous, but it will occur nonetheless.

However, how does this affect you in Singapore? Not directly for sure, but certainly having more money to pump into the global economy is something that eventually pays off for every player in the field, just like economic crunches drag everyone to the ground.

Confidence in the investment you are making

You know that when teaching your child to swim, there comes a time when you have to remove the inflatable armbands or else the child will become too dependent on them. In a similar gradual process, you will eventually have to swim the financial waters by yourself, and for this, you must be confident.

In all likelihood, you will make a few mistakes, but having a confident outlook and recovering from setbacks will be key determinants in the achievement of your financial goals.

Celebrate the victories with your family and friends

Lastly, when you do make a killing on the stock market, celebrate your victories. Find out what you got wrong when you lose so that you can make better decisions for the future. You don’t have to rely on your scanty knowledge if you’re not a professional. Seek guidance from a certified financial planner before making major investment decisions.


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